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Broken Tech? No Worries. This 86-in-1 Precision Toolkit Will Help You Fix Any Electronics Emergency

* This portable toolkit has everything you need to repair your devices on the go
* Each tool is made from durable and lightweight nylon
* Magnetic screw bits offer easier and more precise access

Tired of dealing with a cracked phone screen or jammed laptop key? Sure, you can suck it up and pay the astronomical fees to have them replaced, or you can channel your inner handyman and fix them yourself. With this all-in-one precision toolkit, you’ll have everything you need to help fix most electronic issues in a jiffy.

Each and every tool in this set is made from durable nylon, which helps them weigh less without sacrificing build quality. With an astounding 86 different tools in one set, you get a utility knife, tweezers, wrist strap, SIM card ejector, LCD suction cup, plastic and metal spudgers, SIM card shells, both magnetizing and demagnetizing tools and more. Basically, this precision kit comes with every tool under the sun needed to help open, check and hopefully repair any small or large electronic device. And with an extra compact design for easy portability, you can keep this set in your shed or take it on the go.

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The screwdriver bits are made from durable CRV steel, so you won’t have to worry about them losing their luster or breaking down over time. Plus, the ergonomic design is both skidproof and easy to use, which is definitely a must when it comes to finagling with tiny electronics.

The strong magnetic force of the individual screw bits make it easier for you to hone in on those hard-to-reach screws and help keep track of them. And with an extra extension rod as well as a flexible shaft, you can reach more areas than ever before. It’s definitely a toolkit specifically designed for use on electronics.


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