A PC Laptop That’s Heavy on Features, Light on Price


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* Ultra-portable: just under 1-inch thickness and 2.5 pounds
* Comes with one-year subscription to Microsoft Office 365
* Robust features for an impressive price 

Since the introduction of the game-changing MacBook Air, computer makers have been following suit, offering their own versions of ultra-light, ultra-thin laptops. At the high end, this meant earmarking $1000 or more for a quality machine, but it turns out there’s a pleasant surprise from Hewlett Packard: A super-skinny, 2.5 lb laptop for just around $200.


Roughly the same size as the Air, with an 11-inch screen and closed thickness just under 1-inch, this sleek little machine will easily slide into your backpack or even a large purse, hardly creating excess bulk or weight.

Keeping you productive, entertained, or probably a bit of both, an improved antenna makes all that web browsing, Netflixing, and streaming audio files to Bluetooth smoother and faster than past models. It runs on the Windows 10 operating system, using a respectable dual-core Intel Celeron N3060 processor and 2GB of hard drive memory.

The versatile storage options make up for the smaller memory capacity in this class of laptop – there are standard USB and SD ports to support an external hard drive or SD card. Economize on hard drive space to run full applications like Photoshop or Word with HP’s deal-sweetening, free year’s worth of cloud-based Microsoft Office 365.

Designed for the always connected life, the Stream easily shifts from professional workhorse to binge-watching your favorite shows, delivering the essential productivity and features you want, without the hefty credit card bill you don’t.

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