Ditch Your Wallet and Carry Your Cards and ID In These Phone Cases Instead

Phone Card Case

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Whether you’re going to work, leaving for vacation, or just running some errands, it’s rare to leave your home without two things – your phone and your wallet. That’s what we use phone cases that incorporate both must-haves into one easy to use and compact item.

A study done in 2017 found that the average American checks their phone every 12 minutes, which adds up to 80 times per day. More than 30 percent of those surveyed reported that they had feelings of separation anxiety with separated from their phone, with many respondents agreeing that they felt stressed when their phone was out of reach. So, it’s safe to say that we’re pretty dependent on our phones. Since we can’t live without our mobile devices, it makes sense to turn our cells into mini wallets. Not only do we always have our phones with us, but our need to constantly hold our phones means that we have a lower likelihood of losing our cellphone and therefore our essential items like our ID, credit cards and more.

Stephen Payne
3 years
Whoever chooses one of these cases has never heard of the glut of phones that are snatched...

Below we’ve included three very different phone wallet cases that can hold cards, keys, cash and in some cases, even more, helping to streamline your life and cut down on the things we have to remember each day. Two of the cases we’ve included on our list can work with any phone, adhering either directly to the phone or to a case, while the third option doubles as a case and provides an added protective shield to your phone.

Stephen Payne
3 years
Whoever chooses one of these cases has never heard of the glut of phones that are snatched…

Phone case wallets are not only a great way to eliminate the need to carry your wallet, but they’re also great to use at work or the gym. Most of us keep our phones with us at the office and when working out (see: separation anxiety above). Phone wallet cases make it easy to carry your work card that may gain you access to your building, as well as your gym membership card that lets you into your fitness center.

With so many phone cases on the market, it can feel overwhelming to pick the one that’s right for you. We recommend a case that pulls double duty as a wallet. Check out three of our favorites below.

1. Cardly Cell Phone Stick on Wallet Phone

Turn any phone into a wallet with the Cardly Cell Phone Stick on Wallet Phone, which can hold cards, cash and a key at the same time. The Cardly uses strong 3M adhesive to attach to any phone or case. The Cardly can hold multiple cards at once, plus cash and a key, and has a snap closure to keep items secure.

Pros: Strong and can hold multiple cards. Comes in 6 colors.

Cons: Depending on how many items users put in the Cardly, it will make your phone bulkier.

Cardly Cell Phone Stick on Wallet Phone Amazon

2. OT ONETOP Wallet Case With Card Holder

Hold three cards and cash while keeping a secure handle on your phone with the OT ONETOP Wallet Case. The case fits the iPhone X. This case also features a double magnetic clasp, and is also shockproof.

Pros: The OT ONETOP comes in eight colors.

Cons: The OT ONETOP has a limited capacity for cards compared to the other two models on our list.

OT ONETOP caseAmazon

3. SHANSHUI Phone Card Holder

Using high-quality 3M adhesive, the SHANSHUI Phone Card Holder can instantly turn any phone into a wallet. The SHANSHUI comes in a five pack and easily sticks onto any phone or phone case, with the stretchy plastic material able to hold up to four cards, or cash, keys, earbuds, a comb, Chapstick, a pen, and more. The sticky wallets can be attached directly to phones or to cases, as well as other objects like laptops, refrigerators, doors, glass, and more.

Pros: The silicon material is stretchy and securely holds in your cards.

Cons: The SHANSHUI can stick directly onto phones, but the makers note that the iPhone 8 and iPhone X have an anti-fingerprint coating that won’t allow the adhesive to stick. The cases do leave a small amount of film on the phones when removed.

SHANSHUI Phone Card HolderAmazon