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If You Watch Movies & TV on Your Phone, This $30 Device Will Change Your Life

* Simple and easy to use for streaming content
* Charming vintage TV design
* Makes your phone screen’s image 2x the size

Phones are great for watching movies and TV shows on because they’re portable and in some cases, have higher image quality on their screens than laptops or tablets. But there’s only one problem: the screens are simply too small. If you want to watch your favorite Netflix show with a date, you can’t just be selfish and put the phone up under your nose. You have to put it somewhere you both can see, and then pretty soon you’re dealing with eye-strain in addition to the strain of trying to figure out where this episode of Black Mirror is going. Enter the Smartphone Magnifier: it’s a wonderfully styled box that looks like a vintage TV. Simply slide your phone in  it, and it doubles the size of your display instantly.

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Image Courtesy Uncommon Goods

If you have an iPhone X or XS, or a newer Samsung Galaxy, this box gives you an instant medium-sized TV view of what you’re watching. It’s easy to store around the house, and features a lightweight build that doesn’t require being plugged in or any fancy operating instructions. All you have to do is slide your phone in it to enjoy the comfort of watching videos on a screen that’s now about the size of some of the early portable televisions. And unlike those, you’ll get a crystal clear image and you won’t have to worry about which way the antenna is facing. The Smartphone Magnifier is also a cool conversation starter and a great way to add to the mise en scene when watching a classic movie or a Wes Anderson film.
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