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If You Create Shopping Lists in Your “Notes” App, You Need This Phone Accessory

* Clip your phone on and off in seconds
* Arm clamp extends to fit the latest larger cell phone models
* Keeps your phone secure and slip-free

Easily access your shopping lists, notes, music and text messages with this portable grocery cart phone holder. This inventive yet simple device allows you to keep both hands free, enabling you to shop faster, easier and safer (no more worries about your cell phone falling out of your hands and/or pockets).

Made from highly durable silicon with a slimline design and low profile, the cell phone holder provides a fast and firm attachment with vibration resistance and strength. Compatible with all smartphones, this holder also rotates to vertical and horizontal positions, allowing you easy access in any direction.

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Courtesy of Amazon

This phone accessory makes a perfect tool for personal shoppers and for those who regularly use shopping lists or a notes app to manage their grocery shopping. It is also a valuable and handy addition to any parent as you can easily attach the holder facing the cart so your little one can interact with the phone, play games and ultimately stay entertained so you can finish your shopping trip in peace.

Stash in your car, purse or reusable shopping bag(s) so you can easily grab it anytime time you shop, this phone accessory will become invaluable to you and would make a great gift for anyone in your life.

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