Introducing PopPower, the Wireless Phone Charger That Works With Your PopGrip

pop power pop socket wireless charger
Courtesy of PopSockets
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It’s almost like a riddle or a corny joke: Where’s the only place you’ll never see a phone with a PopGrip? Until very recently, the answer was “on a wireless charger.” (OK, fine, it’s not much of a riddle, and most definitely not a joke. Work with us on this one.)

But the PopGrip and wireless-charger bandwagons were very much running in opposite directions because they were totally incompatible: A phone has to lie flat on a wireless charger, and with a PopGrip, that can’t happen. Naturally, the innovative folks at PopSocket would be the ones to bring them together with the PopPower Home Wireless Charger. That donut hole in the middle of the charger is the gateway to wireless charging for PopGrip enthusiasts.

Or, at least, it will be, when they restock. The PopPower chargers, which made a big splash at the recent CES 2020, are sold out. As in completely. But fear not, head over to the PopPower homepage and sign up for the waitlist. When companies have this big of a hit on their hands, they quickly find a way to meet the demand.

PopPower 3 Courtesy of PopSockets
pop power pop socket wireless charger Courtesy of PopSockets

The PopPower chargers are Qi-wireless certified, capable of up to 15-watt charging and deliver fast charging to both Apple and Samsung phones. They even charge AirPods when they’re placed on the charger in a wireless AirPod charging case. The PopPower delivers a charge through phone cases up to 5mm thick.

(A couple of caveats here: Metal interferes with wireless charging, so if you have a PopGrip which contains metal, it’ll have to come off. Also, if you have a PopGrip Lips balm carrier, the contents will likely melt during charging, so that will have to go as well.)

The recessed center does more than give your PopGrip a place to rest while the phone charges. With the PopGrip resting in the hole, your phone will be in the optimal charging position, and it will stay there. Anyone who’s had their phone rest off-center on a wireless charger, or had it move off the pad from vibrating, knows how that can cost you a full charge (or a cracked screen if your phone takes a tumble off your desk). With the PopPower and PopGrip making friends, no worries there.

The PopPower charger comes in six patterns. We’re sold on the Mountainscape and Cosmic Cloud models shown above. But considering the explosion of varieties of PopGrips once they hit the mainstream, it’s a safe bet there will be more varieties of the PopPower in the very near future.

Currently the PopPower is only sold by PopSockets, so there’s no way around the waiting list. And the $60 price tag is, yeah, kind of steep, considering there’s no shortage of wireless chargers out there for considerably less. But if you have a PopGrip on your phone and fancy yourself an early adopter, then the PopPower was literally designed with you in mind. There’s still time to be ahead of the curve on this new phenomenon if you jump on the waitlist now.