This Stylish iPhone Charger Doubles as a Bag Charm or Keychain

iPhone Charging Cable Belkin
Image courtesy of Amazon

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* Easy-to-use USB charging cable
* Compatible with most iPhones, iPads, & iPods
* Braided leather tassels conceal charger

If you’re like most Americans, you spend an average of 4.7 hours on your phone every day and may possess a slight tendency to panic when your phone isn’t within hands reach. Leaving your phone at home by accident or getting stranded with a dead battery can be downright nightmare-inducing for many of us.

With so much content available to us on one small device, we have come to rely on our phones for more than communication. Between streaming videos, scrolling through your Instagram feed, online banking and online shopping, it’s no wonder why our dreaded battery bar seems to turn from green to red sooner and sooner each day.

portable charger belkin Image courtesy of Amazon

If you are constantly battling with your phone’s battery life and asking your colleagues and friends to borrow their phone chargers, it may be time to consider investing in your own back-up charging device.

This Belkin Mix It Lightning to USB Leather Tassel is a triple threat. Compatible with most Apple iPhones and iPads, it functions not only as a charging device, but also adds a stylish touch to your keys or handbag.

This inconspicuous charger hides behind supple leather tassels accented with complimentary metal hardware and color-coordinated braided cords. Only you will know that underneath the stylish leather tassels lies a mini lifesaver. Yet, because this charger-accessory hybrid easily attaches to your keys, luggage, or handbag, you will always know exactly where it is when you’re on 1%.

The Mix It Lightning USB Tassel is available in four different colors to ensure you are able to find the best match to compliment your handbag selection, whether you prefer a subtle statement or the addition of a bold, pop of color.

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