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Bank on This Portable USB Charger

* Works with all smartphones and most digital devices
* Powerful but compact
* Key chain/wrist strap doubles as a micro USB

Power up on the go with this way-cool, portable phone charger. It boasts a 3400mAh high capacity rechargeable Lithium battery that’s good for over one full charge to iPhone 6, 6s, 5 or 4 (14 hours talk time) and almost a full charge for the Samsung S6, as well as all other types of smartphones. Plus, it works with mp3 players, tablets and other USB mobile digital devices.

The compact lipstick design fits easily in your pocket, purse, or the palm of your hand. Yet at just 4-inches in size and weighing less than 3 ounces, it’s smaller and lighter than other batteries with the same capacity. It charges super fast. And, it’s built with premium LG grade A+ battery cells, which are certified for over 500 recharge cycles. You should get years of use out of it.

The Dofly’s spider web exterior doesn’t just look fashionable; it also provides anti-skid resistance to prevent it from rolling off surfaces and falling. Just in case though, the durable shell casing protects it from drops, as well as high temperatures and risk of leakage. It also features short circuit, overvoltage and over-charging protection. This is reliable and safe portable power you can count on.

The key chain/wrist strap attaches easily to your bag. And, get this — it doubles as a micro USB cable, perfect for transferring data. Dofly’s designers really thought of everything. Keep in mind, this is a super practical gift that pretty much everyone can use. Bonus gift: It comes with a worry-free 18-month warranty.

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