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These Chic Power Banks Look More Like Fashion Accessories Than Tech Gadgets

* Keep your phone charged without an outlet
* These fun key chains also feature handy USBs and power banks
* Perk up any accessory without looking you’re toting around a bulky charger

When you’re travelling, whether in the car or hiking in the woods, power banks mean you can always keep your phones and devices charged, even if there’s no outlet in sight. But some chargers are super bulky or heavy, and worse, they look exactly like bulky and heavy boxes. Sometimes you just want something that delivers the juice while also being easy to carry around with you.

SPY has found four fun ways to ditch the boring, basic chargers and upgrade to portable ports that look like cute key chains, bag charms and accessories. Hang them from your bags or jackets to add some style to your everyday carry, and never get caught with a dead battery again.

1. Lightning Cable USB Leather Tassel Key Chain

Say goodbye to basic USB cables. This key chain will not only perk up your set of keys, it will also come in handy any time you get that pesky 20% warning. Multiple colors are available and the 20cm length USB cord comes with a tangle-free design. Made from real leather, the super durable construction comes with a lifetime guarantee.

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Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Multi-Function USB Lighting Cable

Fluffy tassels are the latest and greatest things to grace accessories departments, and this USB is no exception. Packed alongside it is a charging cable that’s compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung, HTC, and other Android smartphones. Think this fluff ball looks familiar? Fendi made a keychain version that was one of the hottest accessories last year.

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Image Courtesy of SZFYYL[/caption]


3. BUQU Pompom Portable Power Bank

Another great pompom option (because who can have too many?), this key chain is a chic accessory on its own, but has a powerful charging bank hidden within. The powerful 2,500mAh battery provides up to an entire extra battery life with most smartphones

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Image Courtesy of BUQU[/caption]


4. Velvet Caviar White Marble Portable Power Bank

White marble is quickly taking over as the most popular phone case, but why not embrace the trend, and add an extra level of utility? This power bank can provide up to two full charges.

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Image Courtesy of Velvet Caviar[/caption]

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