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These Are The Most Glamorous Phone Cases We’ve Ever Seen (and They Actually Protect Your Phone Too)

* Stylish phone cases that also protect your phone
* You can choose different shades of sparkle
* You won’t lose your phone as easily with these eye-catching cases

Your phone makes a statement about who you are before you do. It’s important to make sure your phone case is representing you properly. These bold phone cases will elevate your iPhone game to another level by adding a piece of glamour to every outfit while protecting your phone at the same time. Bonus: they fit the brand new iPhone XS, so you can snag a great case to go with your phone before anyone else does.

1. Case-Mate iPhone XS Max Gold Waterfall 

This case isn’t called the Waterfall Case-Mate for just any reason – it’s snow globe effect and its cascading sparkle will be sure to keep you entertained while in line for your morning coffee. Not only is it entertaining, the case also has up to 10 -foot drop protection.

A phone case that is stylish and protective is a rare breed. It’s also compatible with wireless charging and has a lifetime warranty if you somehow end up dropping your phone off a 15 foot balcony. Stuff happens.

If you’re an iPhone Xr, iPhone Xs, or iPhone Xs max user then this phone case is for you.

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2. Case-Mate iPhone XS Max Case Karat Mother of Pearl 

Don’t feel like wearing jewelry today? It’s okay; this Case-Mate iPhone X “Karat” Mother of Pearl case will have you shinning bright like a diamond. (Rihanna voice)

This blinged-out case is made with anti-scratch technology and refined metallic buttons to keep the genuine Mother of Pearl and Sterling Silver elements pristine and tarnish free.

This case also comes with a lifetime warranty and up to 10 ft. drop protection which makes the $50.00 price tag worth it. Also worth it: the fact you can get a free replacement if anything happens to your phone within a year.

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Image Courtesy of Amazon

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