The 9 Best Protective Cases For Your Laptop

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Thinking of taking your laptop with you on your next trip? Your computer is an investment, and like any good investment it’s important to take the time to keep it safe. Laptops are amazing because they are so easy to lug around, but as it goes with your phone, it’s easy to get distracted and drop that precious piece of technology. And if you’re walking around with a new MacBook Pro or new HP ProBook, the last thing you want to do is lose your focus and drop that hefty investment.

When it comes to finding the right laptop case, the first step is to narrow your search to models that are designed for protection. Having a case that’s both waterproof and dust-proof is a good start, but then you need to consider comfort, longevity and, of course, style.

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Whether you’re in the market for an everyday laptop case to take to work or school or simply looking for some protection on those long family outings, here are nine durable cases you don’t want to miss.

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Hiya, these are cool looking cases, i also like these guys photography I am really glad I…

1. Pelican 1495 Case


When you’re in the market for a laptop case that can withstand all the elements, the Pelican is a great choice. We’re not lying when we say it’s incredibly well-built—watertight, crush-proof and dust-proof, the Pelican is designed to store laptops up to 17 inches and keep them safe in any environment. A smart option for the weary globetrotter. 

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2. Unik Case Armor EVA Hard Shell Case


This case’s molded EVA foam actually adjusts to your laptop’s exact dimensions, adding extra protection in case of falls, bumps or sudden shocks. It’s also 100% water-resistant, which makes it a great choice for students and those who need a little more protection when it comes to their laptop. A wireless optical mouse is also included.

Unik Case Armor EVA Hard Shell Laptop CaseImage courtesy of Amazon


3. Case Logic PNC-218 Case


Designed to fit laptops up to 18 inches, this Case Logic model features a cushy padded base and handy built-in neoprene electronics pockets that are able to provide an extra level of protection for your valuables. With a sleek and stylish quilted pattern, it features a front pocket to offer quick and easy access to your phone and other devices. It also comes with plenty of extra storage space.

Case Logic Laptop CaseCourtesy of Amazon


4. Canvaslife Marble Canvas Sleeve


Not only does this laptop bag look phenomenal, it comes with an impressive 360-degree protective system that’s able to entirely encompass your laptop to help keep it safe. With a waterproof and shockproof outer sleeve, this model includes both front and top zippers for easy access. It’s also available in two cool skin tones: marble (our favorite) and black marble

Canvaslife Laptop BagCourtesy of Amazon


5. Qishare Shoulder Bag


If you want a nice, comfortable laptop carrying case but don’t want to sacrifice your style, then this design is perfect for you. Don’t be fooled by this slim case: It offers all the protection you need to take your precious laptop with you everywhere you go. Made with water-resistant and soft plush material, it keeps your device safe from dust, water, and overall bumps. Its pioneering design is perfect for taking on the go because it allows you to remove your device quickly to pass through security. This style also comes with two side pockets and a removable shoulder strap.

Laptop CaseCourtesy of Amazon


6. MOSISO Sleeve


Simplicity meets elegance with this minimalist design. Made with water-repellent polyester material, this case really delivers when it comes to protection. With a soft, foam padding material inside, it keeps your device safe from scratches and other minor bumps. An exterior pocket allows you to carry your smartphone, tablet, and more, so you can keep everything close at hand. 

MOSISO CaseCourtesy of Amazon


7. AmazonBasics Shoulder Bag Carrying Case


This AmazonBasics shoulder bag is perfect for those who are looking for a spacious laptop bag that won’t break the bank. Sure, the style is a bit plain, but it also won’t get in the way of your outfit. With plenty of storage pockets, it allows you to organize all your accessories, from mouse to cables and everything else. This style can fit up to a 15.6-inch laptop or tablet.

AmazonBasics CaseCourtesy of Amazon


8. Fintie MacBook Air Hard Shell Case


This super slim case was specifically designed for the 13.3-inch MacBook Air. With an easy grip and an added ventilation cutout, this hard-shell case is a smart and easy way to keep your Mac safe without adding all that extra weight. For those who already own a backpack or messenger bag, and simply want an extra layer of immediate protection for their computer, this is a solid-bet.

Fintie Macbook Air Hard Shell CaseImage courtesy of Amazon


9. iBlason MacBook Pro Cover


Built specifically for the 15-inch MacBook Pro, this rugged laptop case includes a well-engineered, shock-resistant outer shell with rubberized corner stands and an intuitive fully vented build. A great choice for power users and those who tend to move around with their computers and, quite often, drop them.

iBlason Macbook Pro CoverImage courtesy of Amazon


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