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Lived-In Review: The Prynt Pocket Instant Photo Printer

* Print photos straight from your phone, from your camera roll or even Instagram
* Be creative by adding videos and watch them come to life with the app
* Turn your phone into a Polaroid camera and print out memories on-the-spot

Printing photos has never been easier and more fun. With

, you can capture a moment in real time and instantly print it out from wherever you are. You can also print out photos, not just from your gallery but also from your social media profiles such as Instagram and Snapchat.

On top of that, you won’t have to worry about running out of ink since the mini printer runs on

. The photo is also a sticker when you peel off the adhesive backing. If you really want to be creative, Prynt allows you to do a video with your photos by recording and then watching it in action on the app.

The device might be too good to be true but we had a chance to try it out and we can say it turned out the way it appears. Although the

you have to keep ordering is not the most price-friendly, when you start using the printer more, you’ll realize it’s worth it because it’s so handy to use when you’re out and about. Plus, not having it to run on ink already saves you money — and time. You’ll have your photos printed out in less than a minute.

The video aspect of the mini printer is probably the most entertaining. Here’s how it works: record and capture the action with the Prynt app and then once done, print out a still photo, which becomes the “cover” of your video. On the app, scan the photo and watch it come to life. No seriously, it’s pretty cool.

When you first get the printer, it might come off as a little confusing to use, but the manuals and videos do a great job explaining how to put it together and start recording and printing. It doesn’t take much. Take the Prynt Pocket on your next getaway — we used it for a weekend road trip and also on date night — and watch your phone transform into a Polaroid camera, literally bringing your pics to life.

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