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Putting a Face on Home Network Security

* Safeguard your home internet and smart devices
* Stylish, compact modern design
* Works great for parental control too


smart firewall is a sharp-looking piece that feels right at home among the Nest and iHome accessories populating the modern connected house. A technologically-advanced tool that protects your network and smart devices against hacks, malware and cyber attacks, its hi-tech security functions are couched in a modern, sleek and cute design, like an animated wine glass with an emoji face.

CUJO is a must-have device at home, especially useful if you have multiple WiFi-enabled smart devices which can’t be individually configured for security. CUJO plugs into your house network using an ethernet cable and screens the data going into and out of your home connection. This way, it can protect devices which we don’t normally associate with the need for antivirus, anti-malware and spyware tools: think baby monitors, smart TVs, gaming consoles and even some cars, which can be all prone to hacking.

The CUJO is easy to configure using the CUJO iPhone or Android app. It allows you to set parameters for blocking suspicious sites and monitoring outgoing data connections. It also constantly monitors for new threats and gets updates from other CUJOs via encrypted data stored on a secure remote server.

This is one area where the CUJO really excels. Thanks to its ability to communicate and share threat info among users, the CUJO is able to update and adapt in real-time, a big plus since malware is also pretty much constantly updated. A connected firewall, it’s able to provide individual homes with a level of internet security usually only found at larger institutions. The CUJO app also enables easy-to-set parental controls on your home WiFi network. You can even use it to set limits on individual devices, such as your kids’ computers, phones and tablets.

Don’t leave anything up to chance, or set yourself up for threats. Protect and lock down your deivces with the CUJO Smart Internet Security Firewall.

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