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This Is the Perfect Retro Keyboard for Nostalgic Types

* Eye-grabbing contemporary take on classic, vintage typewriter
* Every keystroke is a tactile, enjoyable experience
* Mechanical keyboard compatible with Windows and Mac

You don’t have to be writing the great American novel to appreciate the elegant look and function of the MK Retro Typewriter-Inspired Mechanical Keyboard from Azio. Featuring all the details of a classic typewriter – including handcrafted round key caps with chrome trim and tactile “clicks” when you type – it also has modern innovations to make it fully compatible with your computer or tablet device.

One of the joys of using a mechanical keyboard is that it can make your typing experience much more comfortable and enjoyable, and the MK Retro is no exception. The pillar feet are fully adjustable, so you can find the tilt-angle that’s best for your wrist position. Because each key has its own mechanical switch underneath it, you get a solid sensation of hitting each and every key. And the space between each key is generous, so you can comfortably type for longer periods of time.

Other tech-savvy features include full N-Key Rollover (NKRO), so you can type as fast as you want without missing a keystroke, LED tubular lights and easy shortcuts to access Internet, productivity and multimedia functions.

For those who crave an old-school typewriter experience, the MK Retro mechanical keyboard fulfills your nostalgic dreams.

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