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This Geometric Slim Fit Case Gives Your Samsung Galaxy a World of Style

* Slim-fitting silhouette
* Fresh and unique geometric pattern
* Durable drop and scratch protection

This phone case for the Samsung Galaxy S8 combines award-winning geometric pattern design with a premium anti-scratch and shock absorbing material. Plus, the geometric slim fit Galaxy S8 case from Caseology maintains the shape of your phone and doesn’t render a wide phone even more unwieldy.

These flagship phones may pack the clearest, brightest screens and most top-of-the-line features, but their breadth can easily get out of hand when paired with a bulky case. And a phone case that makes your phone easy to drop is hardly doing you any favors. The geometric slim fit Galaxy S8 case, however, provides a high level of shock and scratch protection while remaining trim and keeping your Samsung Galaxy S8 slim enough to fit in your pockets or clutch.

Responsive, noninterference button covers and generous camera and flash cutouts are another bonus of this sleek Caseology case. The geometric slim fit Galaxy S8 case adds a svelte modern design and lets you keep all the Galaxy S8’s functions intact, including retaining full use of the front and rear cameras and all scrolling features.

The anti-scratch protection is especially useful with the Galaxy S8’s signature full-width screen. The case features a textured pattern for increased grip as well, so that unlike some phone cases, it actually makes your smartphone easier to hold onto. And if you do drop it, the case is layered with a durable PC bumper frame and cushioned impact protection on each corner.

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