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We’ll See Samsung’s Next Flagship Phones At Unpacked 2023, But You Can Get Up To $100 Off It Right Now

Samsung Phones had a big year in 2022, mostly thanks to the overwhelming might of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, which we named phone of the year, and also sits atop our list of the best smartphones out there. As such, we’ve got great expectations from the tech giant this year, and it looks as though we’ll be getting a glimpse of the new Samsung Galaxy S23 mobile phone soon.

Samsung Unpacked 2023: What To Expect

In fact, Samsung has just announced that we’ll be seeing it on Wednesday, February 1, at 10 a.m. PT, thanks to a live-streamed event being broadcast from The Masonic Auditorium in San Fransisco. This event will show off the next flagship phone from the company, which we currently have no official information about, aside from its existence.

John Velasco | SPY

Presumably we’ll see its next generation smartphones, the Galaxy S23 line. There have been several leaks the last several months, including this latest one that’s reportedly to be the Galaxy S23 in the flesh, but the countdown has already begun for its unveiling.

We expect follow-ups such as the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+, and the Galaxy S23 Ultra, since they all would coincide with last year’s model. We were astounded by the photo snapping abilities of the Galaxy S22 Ultra when we let a professional photographer use it, so we’re optimistic that the focus will be there once again with the cameras.

Courtesy of Chris Spiegel

If you watch its teaser video, there’s strong focus on the phone’s improvement on capturing nighttime photos. Samsung even made references to the moon, so we wouldn’t be shocked to see a boost on how the phones can capture it, along with other astronomical bodies in the sky.

Beyond that, we’re also interested to know if Samsung will announce any other devices outside its smartphones. Given that its CES 2023 announcements were mostly related to its upcoming TVs and OLED gaming monitors, we could see announcements in other verticals such as computing.

Save Up To $100 Right Now With A Reservation

If you’re interested already then it gets better still, because there’s actually a bit of a deal going on. If you decide to pre-order the phone, you’ll actually net yourself $50 Samsung Credit, which is a nice little bonus. That’s not all though.

It looks as though we’ll also be getting an announcement about a new Galaxy Book, because you can also choose to pre-order that one for $50 Samsung Credit as well. If you’re a huge Samsung fan anyway, you can go all-in and commit to pre-ordering both and net yourself $100 Samsung Credit.

The current process offers no obligation either. If you head to reserve either of the devices, all you need to do is put in your first and last name, and an email address. Upon doing so, you’ll then be kept up to date with when you can pre-order the devices properly, and that’s when you’ll earn yourself the Samsung Credit.

That should mean you can wait until we have all of the details to fully commit to either of the two devices, which we always recommend doing to avoid getting burned. It’s definitely a good offer though, and if the Samsung S23 manages to improve on the S22 in any way, then we’re expecting it to be a tough competitor for this year’s best phone award.

Courtesy of Samsung