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A Better, Gentler Way to Clean Your Devices

* Easily remove smudges, dust and fingerprints from your screens
* Made of sturdy PU leather for durability
* Faux suede cleans quickly and effectively

If someone says they don’t have smudges, dust, or fingerprints on their screen devices, don’t trust them. Everyone has at least one device that never seems to have a clean screen, and that’s why we think this ProCase Screen Cleaning Pad is a must-have.

This reusable cleaning pad uses soft, faux suede to effectively clean devices without the scratching that can happen when you use a T-shirt, paper towel, or other household item. The pad, made of poly-synthetic leather, measures 3 x 3 inches and features a small handle for convenience. The materials and solid build makes it much easier to keep track of and easier to use than a typical cleaning item such as a microfiber cloth. The handle also ensures you have a solid grip — very important when working around your delicate screens.


Use this pad to remove residue from your laptop, smartphone, desktop computer, tablet, and even your car’s touchscreen if you have one (see: dirty Tesla screens). Four cleaning pads are included, so you can keep one in your car, house, office and luggage, or be a hero and give one to a friend in need of a screen cleaning.

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