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A Screen Protector That’s Antibacterial and Keeps Your Phone Safe? Yes, Please.

* Works with almost any device
* Provides an ultra-thin antibacterial liquid glass protection
* 100% non-sticky, bubble-free casing that’s both splash and scratch resistant

Tired of the same old screen protectors that are difficult to apply and leave behind those pesky little bubbles? This Sharkproof screen protector takes a different approach by using a liquid adhesive to fully encase and protect your device.

Utilizing advanced nano-coating technology, the adhesive forms a very thin but extremely durable casing around your device’s glass screen. The liquid glass layer, which is thinner than a human hair, provides a bubble-free casing that’s both splash and scratch resistant.

Unlike typical glass protectors, this one’s non-sticky. It also helps prevent smudges, grease and fingerprints. It has absolutely no effect on fingerprint scanners or the screen itself, so there’s no need to worry about it changing the way you use your device. No dust, no bubbles — no problem.

The hassle-free application only takes a few seconds to apply and is entirely self-balancing, meaning it’s able to coat your screen accurately and evenly. Best of all, it works with almost any device and can cover screens up to 10.1 inches. Great for smartphones, tablets, watches and more; if your device has a glass surface, Sharkproof can protect it.

The liquid casing also provides comprehensive antibacterial protection. In fact, a single coat of Sharkproof has been found to prevent germs and other bacteria from forming or entering your phone up two years. Definitely a step up from those traditional peel-and-place protectors.

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