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This Phone Protector Keeps Wandering Eyes From Seeing Your Screen

* Airtight design prevents dust, fingerprints and residue from entering your phone
* Protective shield covers your phone so people can’t see your screen
* Specifically made for iPhone 7 Plus models

The Anti-Spy Privacy Protector by VINTAR is a smart choice for iPhone 7 Plus users. By adding an extra protective layer on top of your phone’s screen, it also keeps your phone safe while keeping prying eyes out.

Simply add the tempered glass adhesive to your screen for instant protection. Once the Spy Protector is applied, your real screen becomes impossible to see unless you’re looking directly at it. Passersby and those around you won’t be able to see what you’re doing, letting you use your phone privately wherever you are.

Measuring only 0.33 mm in diameter, this incredibly thin screen protector keeps your phone free from scratches, scuffs and even oily residue. More than that, the extremely durable tempered glass surface is three times harder than regular phone screens, making it highly impact resistant.

Unlike other screen protectors, this one’s made to precisely match your phone’s dimensions. You won’t have to worry about uneven edges or those pesky little bubbles other screens often leave behind, and the oleophobic casing also makes fingerprints a thing of the past.

As the screen protector automatically makes your phone a little dimmer, you’ll want to make sure you turn your brightness settings up a notch or two.

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