Soft, Durable & Stylish: Togo Leather Phone Cases by Dextannery

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Your phone is your life. It’s time to show it the love it deserves with a handmade case by the luxury artisan Dextannery.

Your phone is your window to the world. It’s how you stay in touch with friends and loves ones. It’s also how you capture precious moments and stunning sunsets, then share them on Instagram.

Your phone says a lot about you. Scraped edges and cracked screens tell a terrible story. Stop with the cheap stuff and upgrade to something more appropriate, like a handcrafted case by Dextannery ($299+).

Buttery soft and incredibly durable, Togo calfskin was originally developed by request of the iconic French brand Hermès. It comes from the world famous German tannery, Perlinger Lederfabrik, which has been making many of the world’s finest leather for over 150 years.

The fold-over design looks and functions more like a wallet than an ordinary phone case, with three card slots and a tab closure. It also features an adorable “puppy pendant.” Available in an array of 25 colors, you can really splurge and order one to go with every outfit. Personalized stamping is another possibility.

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