Size Matters: Why this Wide-Grip Stylus is Better

Why This Wide-Grip Stylus from Cosmonaut
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* Wide-grip stylus makes writing easier
* Allows for greater precision
* Great for those with arthritis and carpal tunnel

Most of us already know that when it comes to design work, writing, or just creating playful art, you can’t beat the performance of a stylus over your fingers. Not only is it more accurate, but it also won’t leave those aggravating smudge marks across your screen. What you might not know, however, is that there is a new, wide-grip stylus sweeping computer screens by storm.

When it comes to handling a stylus, you’re probably used to holding something similar to a pen or pencil. And while that weight and width feels familiar, that doesn’t mean it’s the only choice. In fact, we’ve recently discovered there’s an ever better option called The Cosmonaut Wide-Grip Stylus—and it’s proving that size does, in fact, matter.

Because writing on a tablet is more like writing on a white-board than a piece of paper, this hearty stylus was modeled after a dry-erase marker. Inventors Tom Gerhardt and Dan Provost say the additional breadth makes for greater control and better accuracy. The precision tip is also replaceable so you can be sure it’s consistently creating the best work possible.

The rubber coating combined with a balanced, lightweight aluminum core makes for a more comfortable grip as well. The Cosmonaut is especially ideal for kids or people with arthritis and carpal tunnel.

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