Here’s How to Convert Your Phone Into an Underwater Camera

This Case is How to Convert
Image courtesy Amazon
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* Fits iPhone 6/6S
* Compatible with GoPro Accessories
* Fully submersible without damaging phone

With this waterproof iPhone case, you can turn your phone into an underwater camera. More than just a case, the Skyocean underwater housing and lens case includes GoPro attachment accessories and a wide angle lens attachment, turning your iPhone 6 or 6S into a convenient and easy-to-use underwater camera.

waterproof phone case Image courtesy Amazon

Skyocean Waterproof iPhone 6/6S case

If you’re headed out to the islands for a snorkeling or scuba diving trip and want to capture beautiful underwater footage of colorful fish, coral reefs or just you and your friends and family having fun beneath the clear azure waters, this iPhone 6/6S underwater housing makes it easier and less involved than ever.

No need for an expensive separate underwater camera housing or the hassle of disposable digital cameras, this fully submersible case from Skyocean even augments the phone’s lens with a wide angle attachment, giving you a GoPro-like field of view. And, unlike with a separate camera, you can instantly share and upload the footage without having to go through the learning curve of one more gadget’s interactions with other gadgets. So if you’re heading to Hawaii or just the swimming pool, Skyocean has you — and your phone — covered.

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