This $23 Smart Notebook Syncs What You Write to Your Phone

smart notebook rocketbook wave sync phone
Image courtesy of Amazon
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* Send your notes and doodles anywhere with its app
* Snap a photo of the pages to send a PDF to Google Docs, or iCould
* Reusable pages are a great alternative to one-and-done notebooks

If you prefer the freedom and feel of a pen in your hand and a paper surface to write on but you hate the disconnect between this comfortable note-taking experience and modern technology, there is a tech gadget for designed just for you. The Rocketbook Wave is a traditional-style notebook with a modern twist. Anything you write on its pages can be transferred into the cloud using nothing more than your smartphone and Rocketbook Wave app. The notebook also features microwavable pages that clean themselves, allowing you to use the device over and over again.

From its appearance, the stylish notebook looks very much like any other pad of paper you might buy at an office supply store. However, once you have completed a page of notes, you can use your smartphone and the Rocket Book App to take a scan of your page. Depending on which symbol you have selected at the bottom of the page, the app will send the scan directly to a destination of your choice, whether that’s the iCloud, Google Docs, Evernote or your email. You can choose up to 7 different destinations using the on-page destination indicators.

smart notebook rocketbook wave sync phone app Image courtesy of Amazon

An ideal gift for students heading back to school, the Rocketbook Wave can transfer lecture notes seconds after class ends and keep them perfectly organized for future reference. Imagine only needing one notebook for all your classes, every day. Business professionals will also appreciate this simple way to move meeting notes into a digital .pdf or .jpg formats.