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Can’t Dust This: 5 Totally Adorable Dust Stoppers You Didn’t Know You Needed

* Dust stoppers help keep your headphone jack clean
* Choose from funny animal models to simple rose designs
* Buy packs of six, so you can change them at will

The latest smartphone accessory? Dust Stoppers. These small plugs fit into your phone’s earphone jack and help keep dust and dirt out. We’ve found five fun and quirky models, designed to look like everything from delicate roses to adorable kittens.

1. Creeping Kitten Dust Plug

For all you cat-lovers out there, keep an adorable kitten perched on your phone at all times with this fun dust plug. Made of vinyl and plastic, it fits in all 3.5 mm earplug jacks.


2. Fuzz Puff Cellphone Charm

This little fuzz puff plugs into your earphone jack and rests atop your phone, providing protection and adding some feminine charm.

[caption id="attachment_104717" align="aligncenter" width="271"] Image Courtesy of Amazon[/caption]


3. 11 Colors Rose Dust Stoppers

Keep your phone accessories diverse with this set of eleven rose dust stoppers. The set contains a different color for every mood.


4. Yueton 6 Cat Dust Plugs

Each of the six cats features a different pose, so you can diversify your device with these fun earplug jacks.


5. iAnko Puppy Dust Plugs

If you’re more of a dog person, try this set by iAnko, that features 6 fun pooches for you to choose from. From puppies with bows to puppies with soccer balls, there’s a puppy for every occasion in this cute set.