Your Smartphone is Gross, But You Can Clean It With a Smartphone Sanitizer

Best Smartphone Sanitizer
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We don’t mean this personally, but your smartphone is gross. Ours is too. At least, it was until we got a smartphone sanitizer. We hold our smartphones in our hands, next to our face, and sometimes even sleep with it on our pillows (we love our guided meditations). Your smartphones are all up in your business, which means they need to be cleaned. Often. And thoroughly.

Washing and sanitizing your hands regularly is a best practice for avoiding the flu and other illnesses, and sanitizing your smartphone every day should be no different. This is the best way to ward off passing germs from your screen to your body and back again. If cleaning your phone every day seems like a lot, remember — you brush your teeth twice per day and your teeth are protected by your mouth. What’s protecting your smartphone?

Stop the spread of germs and invest in one of these smartphone sanitizer options we use to keep our gadgets — and ourselves — clean.


1. UV Light Sanitizer Portable UV Cell Phone Sterilizer

Kill 99.99% of the bacteria living on your phone with the power of UV light. This smartphone sanitizer utilizes UV light to kill all of the bacteria in the nooks and crannies of your phone that might be difficult to clean properly with a cleansing wipe, resulting in a cleaning device. Like your cellphone, this phone sanitizer is chargeable, meaning you can take it with you anywhere.

Pros: Portable, can be used to sanitize other small objects, features added aromatherapy function.

Cons: Takes eight minutes to sanitize.

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2. HoMedics UV-Clean Phone Sanitizer

In just one minute, this smartphone sanitizer case will kill over 99% of the bacteria on your phone. This case achieves sterilization through UV light, meaning you can rest easy knowing your phone is free of potentially harmful germs. This sanitizer is doubly great because it is also portable and takes up less space in a bag compared to other options.

Pros: Sanitizes in a single minute

Cons: Somewhat less spacious than other designs.

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3. Calyptus Screen Cleaner Kit

For a budget-friendly option, consider this screen cleaner spray and cloth kit. This natural screen cleaner is plant-based, non-toxic, and biodegradable, and it not only kills bacteria but removes dirt, dust and other gunk that might be hanging out on your phone. This kit comes with a set of washable cloth wipes that will leave your phone shiny, streak-free and squeaky clean.

Pros: Affordable, natural, non-toxic, kills bacteria.

Cons: Somewhat more difficult to clean and disinfect small crevices than UV options.

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