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Your Phone is Gross, But You Can Clean It With a Smartphone Sanitizer

We don’t mean this personally, but your smartphone is gross. Ours is too. At least, it was until we got a smartphone sanitizer. We hold our smartphones in our hands, next to our face, and sometimes even sleep with them on our pillows (we love our guided meditations). Your smartphones are all up in your business, which means they need to be cleaned. Often. And thoroughly.

Washing and sanitizing your hands regularly is a best practice for avoiding the flu and other illnesses, and sanitizing your smartphone every day should be no different. This is the best way to ward off passing germs from your screen to your body and back again. If cleaning your phone every day seems like a lot, remember — you brush your teeth twice per day and your teeth are protected by your mouth. What’s protecting your smartphone?

Stop the spread of germs and invest in one of these smartphone sanitizer options we use to keep our gadgets — and ourselves — clean.

1. PhoneSoap Pro UV Smartphone Sanitizer & Universal Charger

PhoneSoap has several models for customers to choose from and that includes the PhoneSoap Pro. The Pro version has many of the same benefits as other options, including the ability to charge just about any smartphone while it’s being disinfected. In the case of the Pro, sanitizing takes half the time and phones will have 99.99% of all bacteria and germs removed in only five minutes. A USB-A and USB-C port are included and an indicator light on the top of the PhoneSoap will alert users to when their phone has been cleaned from Staph, E. Coli, Salmonella and other harmful viruses. Available in several colorful options, the PhoneSoap Pro can also be used to clean other items like earbuds and jewelry.

Pros: Cleans phones and other small items in only five minutes, available in several colors, charges phones while it cleans them.

Cons: The PhoneSoap Pro is one of the more expensive options on our list.

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2. HoMedics UV-Clean Phone Sanitizer

In just one minute, this smartphone sanitizer case will kill over 99% of the bacteria on your phone. This case achieves sterilization through UV light, meaning you can rest easy knowing your phone is free of potentially harmful germs. This sanitizer is doubly great because it is also portable and takes up less space in a bag compared to other options.

Pros: Sanitizes in a single minute

Cons: Somewhat less spacious than other designs.

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3. Calyptus Screen Cleaner Kit

For a budget-friendly option, consider this screen cleaner spray and cloth kit. This natural screen cleaner is plant-based, non-toxic, and biodegradable, and it not only kills bacteria but removes dirt, dust and other gunk that might be hanging out on your phone. This kit comes with a set of washable cloth wipes that will leave your phone shiny, streak-free and squeaky clean.

Pros: Affordable, natural, non-toxic, kills bacteria.

Cons: Somewhat more difficult to clean and disinfect small crevices than UV options.

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4. Samsung Electronics Samsung Qi Wireless Charger and UV Sanitizer

For an affordable and versatile sanitizer, we like the Samsung Electronics Samsung Qi Wireless Charger and UV Sanitizer. The unit includes a magnetic closure that forms a tight seal when in sanitizing mode. The user-friendly design includes a button that allows users to start the sanitizing process, which takes only 10 minutes and removes 99% of all germs and bacteria. The quiet Samsung sanitizer is wireless for added portability and also features wireless charging capabilities for most smartphones. Clean your phone, glasses, credit cards and other small objects with the Samsung Electronics Samsung Qi Wireless Charger and UV Sanitizer.

Pros: Wireless for added portability, sanitizing and charging functions, very quiet.

Cons: The Samsung is approximately the size of a tablet, which cuts down on its portability.

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5. OTTOLIVES UV Smart Phone Sanitizer

The Ottolives UV Smart Phone Sanitizer not only sanitizes phones but also has a small inlet that allows users to add essential oils for aromatherapy. The Ottolives fits all phones that are 6.9 inches and smaller and can also sanitize other small objects, like keys and earbuds. Using a UV sterilizer ozone light bulb, the Ottolives removes up to 99.99% of germs and bacteria from phones and other small items. We also like that users can place their phones on top of the Ottolives to charge both iOS and Android phones.

Pros: Includes aromatherapy option, provides wireless charging, cleans up to 99.99% of all germs and bacteria.

Cons: The Ottolives sanitizer takes 18-30 minutes to sanitize phones, which is longer than other models on our list.

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6. UV Light Sanitizer Wand

Your phone can pick up a lot of bacteria when you’re away from home, which is why we like this portable UV Light Sanitizer Wand. Using a UV germicidal lamp, the wand helps to remove up to 99.9% of the DNA structure of germs and other microorganisms. Quickly cleaning smartphones and other small items in about 60 seconds, the wand is lightweight and powered by batteries, making it easy to carry in a backpack or suitcase. With a lamp lifespan of 3,000 hours, the wand can help to sterilize keyboards, pillowcases, handles, bathrooms, kids’ toys, and other areas where germs love to live.

Pros: Portable, fast-acting, easy to use on several items.

Cons: Customers have to hold the wand over the item they are sanitizing, which can be time-consuming.

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