Your Phone is Disgusting: Clean Up Your Act With One of These Three Sanitizers

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* Sanitizers for your smart phone
* Because when it comes to phones, soap and water is not generally recommended
* Multifunction models that work as aromatherapy or night lights too

If you remember those petridish experiments from middle school, it may come as no surprise that the filthiest, most germ and pathogen-harboring surfaces are those we put our grubby hands on the most often. For the cell phone addicted generation, there’s probably no grubbier surface than your sleek, touch screen iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. Touch screen means touching, after all. And touch means germs. So if you want to quiet your OCD about this one a little bit, here are some easy and proven ways to sanitize your phone. Because after all, you can wash your phone in the sink but in most cases we wouldn’t recommend it.

1. PhoneSoap UV Sanitizer

This patented, featured-on-Shark-Tank UV phone sanitizer uses a UV light compartment to dispatch 99.9 percent of bacteria.

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2. Aneforall Multifunction Sterilizer

A sleek, modern looking design complements this high-tech multi-function UV sterilizer. It not only kills germs on your phone in 6 minutes, but can charge your phone while it does the dirty work. It includes a Lightning cable and an Android-type charger. It even doubles as an aromatherapy diffuser.

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3. LEDMEI Phone Sterilizer

This phone sterilizer/charger combination can double as a night light, providing mild, ambient light. It also works great to combat odors on things like headphones and even socks. It uses ozone in a sealed chamber, making it more effective for non-flat and porous surfaces than UV-based sanitizers.

smartphone sanitizer Image Courtesy of Amazon