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Daily Deal: This Water Resistant Armband Phone Case Is Only $7

* Fits most smartphones including iPhone and Samsung models
* Waterproof material with comfortable stretch armband
* Was: 27.99 | Now: $7.19

Keep the music pumping on your morning run with the Sports Armband Phone Case from Inn Life. This double padded case safely fits an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, plus your keys, earphones, ID cards and cash. You’ll finally be able to keep your hands free and your pockets empty while you train.

If you don’t have Bluetooth headphones, simply slip your cord through the built-in hole to connect your earbuds. The touch-friendly design makes it easy to navigate your smartphone without removing the case. The adjustable soft elastic strap and Velcro closure ensure a comfortable fit for everyone.

Sweat-resistant neoprene fabric is both flexible for added comfort, while a mesh combo keeps it breathable. Together, the materials that comprise this armand make it rainproof, snowproof, dustproof, waterproof and scratch resistant. Moisture will never get into the Sports Armband Phone Case.

It’s large enough to accomodate all smartphones up to a 5.7 inch screen displays without the case. Recommended  models include the iPhone 7|6s|6 (4.7 inch), Samsung Galaxy S5|S6|S7 (5.1 Inch), iPhone 7Plus|6sPlus|6Plus, Galaxy S7 edge (5.5 inch) and Galaxy Note 3|4|5 (5.7 inch).

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