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Level Up Your Mobile Gaming With This Awesome Bluetooth Controller

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Mobile gaming’s a big industry, but the controls have always been lacking. Sure, more and more games like Fortnite and PUBG have been ported on your Apple and Android phones, but trying to play complicated games on your phone is at best a challenge and at worst a downright frustrating experience. That’s where dedicated mobile controllers like this little guy come into play.

Compatible with both iOS and Android devices, the Stoga controller syncs with your phone so you can get your game on without ever having to leave the couch. In fact, a built-in 350mAh battery promises up to 10 hours of continuous play. And for those keeping score back home, that’s a definite step up from the standard wireless Xbox and PlayStation controllers that require a recharge every few hours. Though it may be designed specifically for mobile, you can also sync it to your other devices to play on your computer or TV.

Fully Bluetooth compatible, this bad boy features a wireless range of up to 26 feet, so you can game almost anywhere in the house — in the kitchen, in the bedroom, and yes, even in the bathroom. But where this controller really shines is in its versatility. It actually features four different gaming modes: Keyboard, Gamepad, Standard and more. Yes, you can actually place your phone horizontally on the controller and it’ll hold it just fine.

While some mobile games may require a separate app for gameplay, most iOS and Android games are instantly compatible. What’s more, the Stoga’s overall design is both familiar and comfortable. The textured non-slip grip is ergonomic, while the perfectly placed buttons and dual joysticks are almost painfully reminiscent of a modern Xbox controller.

And although we may be in the minority when we say the Gamecube controller is still our all-time favorite design, the combination of hardware, materials and overall configuration make the Stoga a clear winner. If you’re tired of dealing with cumbersome controls on your mobile games, then you’ll definitely want to give this controller a go.

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