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Whether You’re Sweating In the Boardroom or On the Bike Trail, the Suunto 7 Is the One Smartwatch You Need

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The ideal smartwatch is, well, smart enough to wear many hats. From trail or bike to boardroom or date night, you really shouldn’t have to rely on more than one wearable for your wrist.

For years, the Finnish company Suunto had the hardcore outdoor part of your life cornered. Superior multisport GPS watches have been their forte, but the other smartwatch functions? Your eyes have probably been cast longingly toward Cupertino, California for those needs.

But with the release of the Suunto 7 GPS Sport Smartwatch with Wear OS by Google, your choice may be changing sooner than you think. It was our pick for best smartwatch at CES 2020, and as of January 31, 2020, it is finally for sale.

If you’re already a Suunto fan, you know all about its virtually limitless capacity for sports usage. Superior GPS abilities: check. Free offline map downloads of the best-crowdsourced bike and run trails: check. 50-meter water resistance, wrist heart rate, shock- and dirt-proof: check. Add in 70+ sport modes and Google Fit, and Suunto’s mastery of the smartwatch sporting life remains unchallenged.

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It’s the rest of the package that makes the Suunto 7 stand out from its predecessors. It’s powered by Wear OS by Google, opening up an almost limitless number of doors for productive use. The Suunto 7 lets you check calls, view incoming messages, check your calendar, receive notifications from your to-do list and so much more. Google Pay™ on your wrist keeps your wallet in your pocket, and Google Assistant keeps you on track and organized.

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And many of the familiar features that make your Suunto a longtime favorite of the sports-minded also seamlessly translate into your everyday life. The Suunto 7’s battery lasts up to 48 hours in smartwatch mode (12 in GPS tracking mode, which you’ll never need at the office), and can charge completely in under 2 hours. Even a quick-burst 20-minute charge will sustain the Suunto 7 for a 2-hour training stint at the gym.

Software updates are automatic with Wi-Fi connectivity, so your Suunto 7 is always up to date. Google Play provides endless app possibilities, and a robust variety of watch faces and interchangeable straps make your transition from hardcore trail rides to date night seamless. And despite the Google-heavy software more readily associated with Android, Mac fans have every bit as much access to the Suunto 7’s functions.

We called it at CES 2020, and we’re sticking by it now: The Suunto 7 GPS Sport Smartwatch takes you from the trail to the office without a single glitch, and it’s the one smartwatch you need in 2020.