Standing Tall: The 6 Best Stands For Your Tablet

tablet stands
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* Smart tablets let you your tablet at home and on the go
* Choose from different models and brands based on your specific needs
* Enjoy hands-free streaming, reading, gaming and more

Hard to believe the first iPad came out almost eight years ago now. What at the time seemed like an excess tech product has now become as important as, dare we say, the smartphone.

If you’re among the millions of people who tote their tablets around every day, check out these awesome stands to help you get more done while working less.

1. Arkon Folding Tablet Stand

Compatible with tablet screens 7 to 11 inches, this folding tablet is smart and extra inconspicuous, making it a great carry-on item for flights, bus rides and more. Keep it on the table or store it in your bag for overnight travel.

Arkon Folding Tablet Stand Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Lamicol Adjustable Tablet Stand

This beautiful table stand works with tablets between 4 to 13 inches and features a sleek, adjustable design. With the ability to support both vertical and horizontal tablets, it’s a great choice for gamers, streamers and other power tablet users.

Lamicol Adjustable Tablet Stand Image courtesy of Amazon


3. AboveTek All-in-One Fitness Tablet Stand

Durable, portable and concisely convenient, this all-in-one tablet stand features an adjustable base and a built-in pole strap mount to hook up to any workout machine with ease. Exercise in style without having to worry about dropping or cracking your tablet.

AboveTEK Stand Image courtesy of Amazon


4. ieGeek Tablet Phone Stand

With an adjustable mount and triangle bracket design, this versatile tablet and phone stands provides an easier and more stable hands-free way to type, watch and play. And at less than one pound it’s easily movable.

ieGeek Tablet Phone Stand Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Tablift Tablet Stand for Bed & Sofa

Sporting a sleek and versatile design that works with almost any tablet, this nighttime stand offers an easier way to read and stream at night. The flexible and foldable design works great on beds, couches and other uneven surfaces.

Tablift Tablet Stand for Bed & Sofa Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Standzout Universal Tablet Floor Stand

Able to accommodate tablet screens up to 13 inches, this universal floor stand makes it easier to use your tablet without having to use your hands. With the ability to adjust the height up to 48 inches and a full 360-degree ball and socket connector, this smart stand is able to rise up to meet any and all occasions.

Standzout Universal Tablet Floor Stand Image courtesy of Amazon


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