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No Cell Service, No WiFi? No Problem With This Text and GPS Device

 * Pairs with iOS or Android phones for texting and GPS without service or WiFi
* Creates own off-grid network with other goTenna users in the area
* The goTenna app includes offline maps for any region in the world

We’ve all found ourselves without cell service before — a frustrating situation when going off the grid wasn’t your main objective. So here’s a way to bypass those troubles: hook yourself up with a goTenna and start your own network. This flash-drive sized device pairs with your smartphone’s Bluetooth and uses VHF radio waves to send text messages and GPS locations to anyone else also using goTenna. Sold in sets of two, you can create a people-powered network, anywhere, without relying on routers or satellites.

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It’s an ideal device to have on hand when you know you’re heading out to an event with a huge crowd and the cell network is guaranteed to be overloaded. Or strap it on your gear when going deep into nature and away from service — it’ll add to your security if you get lost from the group in the middle of the woods. And since the goTenna text and GPS device works anywhere in the world, use abroad to avoid serious roaming charges while still keeping in touch with your family or travel buddies.

So keep exploring without feeling like you’re off the grid, because with this workaround, no cell service and no WiFi is suddenly no problem.

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