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Never Lose a Thing Again With The O

* Easily track your belongings right from your smartphone
* Comes with four Bluetooth tags
* Available in two color palettes

We’ve all accidentally left something behind at one point or another, like keys, an umbrella or a wallet. And in recent years, a plethora of Bluetooth tags have popped up to help those of us who are a bit too forgetful. Still, most of these products have been unsightly or bulky. Which is why The O caught our eye. Who says you can’t have a “smart” accessory that looks good too?

Created by a former jewelry designer and drawing inspiration from nature (such as pebbles you might find tumbling down stream, or a silk cocoon), The O is meant to seamlessly integrate with your personal belongings. Sew or stick one of four, low power Bluetooth tags to your belongings and immediately be alerted when you’ve left something behind. The tags look just like a pin or button (take a marker to them and customize your own colors and designs), only with the function of a smart accessory.

So, for instance, let’s say you’ve slipped a tag into your wallet or stuck one to the back of your bag. If one of you has strayed too far, you’ll be notified through the app that something has been lost or left behind. Of course, you don’t have to pair each tag with just one phone; the tags can be linked to a separate device, so you can share with the whole family (perfect for traveling and keeping track of luggage). There’s also a key ring accessory that allows a tag to attach easily to your keys, in case you’re prone to lose track of those too. Your phone doesn’t need to be connected to the internet for things to work.

The O is a gadget you’ll want now before you lose something. Better to be prepared now than sorry later.

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