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Stream, Play, View Your Content Better: These Best-Selling Monitors Are Up to $100 Off

* Enhance your viewing experience by upgrading to a new monitor
* LED monitors deliver crisper, clearer images in full HD
* Never have to huddle around a tiny computer screen or low-res monitor again

Whether you’re streaming your favorite shows online, watching live TV and sporting events, or playing the latest video game release, it’s time to consider a better viewing experience. Why huddle around a tiny computer screen or an old monitor when you can get a brand new, high-end, quality LED monitor for about $100? They’re great for delivering impactful presentations at work or school, too.

Tiger Direct is offering three of its best-selling monitors today for up to $100 off. The LED monitors deliver stunningly crisp and impressive image quality, and excellent performance in full 1080p HD. Plus: the dynamic response time of these monitors means no lagging or blurry screens — making it better for your eyes, too.

1. AOC 24″ Class LED Backlit Monitor

A cost effective flat panel monitor screen, this AOC 24″ monitor illuminates a 1920 x 1080 maximum resolution, and give out display hues in a 16 million color vision. Every picture comes to life with stunning, vibrant colors, thanks to its 20,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. This display has a 5ms response time to prevent burning during fast paced videos.

Regularly $199.99, the AOC LED Monitor is on sale right now for 50% off. It’s an easy, affordable way to get a new monitor that’s packed with features.

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2. Samsung SE200 Series 24″ LED Monitor

This flat screen monitor from Samsung delivers sharp, bright and beautiful images with a 23.6″ Viewable Size. An inclusion of “mega infinity” dynamic contrast ratio makes sure that images appear clean and clear in lights as well as in the dark.

We like the sleek design — great for the office — and the adjustable base, which lets you re-position the monitor for optimal viewing and presentation.

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Image courtesy of Tiger Direct[/caption]


3. HP V273 27″ LED Monitor

This energy-efficient monitor features 1920 x 1080 resolution for crisp, hyper-realistic images, while it’s 2 ms response time is the best out of the three options here, meaning smoother, uninterrupted viewing with no “ghosting” on screen. Connects to VGA, HDMI and USB ports to let you play all the multimedia you have.

Regularly $219.99, the HP monitor is $90 off at just $129.99. It’s the largest monitor on our list and a solid choice for a strong, sharp and easy to use addition to your space.

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Image courtesy of Tiger Direct[/caption]

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