Wrap Your Head Around This Snake-Inspired Cable

usb cable snakable

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* Advanced ball-joint design makes cable safer, stronger and easier to use
* Built to withstand normal wear and tear
* Specifically made for iPhones, iPads and iPods

Tired of dealing with those old frayed and tangled cables? The Snakable takes an outdated design and makes it fresh again. That’s because this USB cable uses a ball-joint system that prevents your cable’s internal wiring from bending beyond 60 degrees. The result is an elegant and versatile cable that lets you glide past those hard-to-reach cable outlets and connect your iPhone, iPad or Mac with ease.

At a little over four feet long, the Snakable was built to withstand normal day-to-day wear and tear. The cable’s unique design helps keep the wires from fraying or wearing down over time. What you get is a much safer design that lets you wrap, twist and turn the cable without ever breaking it.

The ball-jointed design can be found on both ends of the USB cable, making it easier to plug your device into those hard-to-reach outlets while letting your iPhone, iPad or iPod move with you. It also uses a strain-relief connecting system that simultaneously provides a stronger connection without having to bend or extend the cable in awkward ways. Great, right?

Best of all, these cables are 100% Apple certified, so there’s no need to worry about configuring your cable to fit your device’s lightning port. And with an incredible three-year warranty, you’re able to take full advantage of the Snakable’s advanced design.

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