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For 2/22/22, Visible Is Offering 2 Months of Unlimited Wireless for $22 (Plus a $200 Gift Card)

Today is one of those special dates that couples will spend years waiting for so they can get married on a unique day of the year — it’s February 22, 2022, or 2/22/22. However, while most wireless providers save their best deals for couples and families who sign up together to unlock family plans, with Visible, it actually pays to be single. In honor of 2/22/22, Visible is offering 2 months of wireless for $22 plus a $200 gift card for new customers, no family plan or years-long commitment required.

Yes, you read that correctly. Two months of their unlimited data plan for just $11 per month, plus up to $200 to spend online. Even though that $11 rate won’t last forever, it’s still a great incentive to ditch your existing wireless provider and finally leave your parents’ cell phone plan. To take advantage of this offer, head to Visible and use the promo code 2FOR22 when you sign up for a phone plan. And even if you let 2/22/22 pass you by, this special promotion will still be available tomorrow (although the $200 virtual gift card will be reduced).

Sharing a phone plan with someone? A major commitment. Fortunately, Visible offers low rates to everyone, single or otherwise.

Visible isn’t just a popular new wireless carrier that makes it super easy to switch providers. They’re also known for their amazing intro deals for new users. And during the month of February, they want their single users to cherish their independence and the savings that come with it. We’ve got all the details you need to take advantage of this offer below, plus answers to common questions about Visible’s unlimited plan.

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About the Visible Unlimited Plan – 2 Months for $22

Visible doesn’t have a ton of confusing plans. Instead, every single Visible customer gets the same unlimited phone plan. Not only can you enjoy a free trial and two months of service for just $22, but if you stay on the plan and make three monthly payments, Visible will also send you a $200 virtual gift card to spend as you see fit.

The Visible phone plan includes:

  • Unlimited data, messages and talking minutes — so you can connect with loved ones near and far for less (including Canada and Mexico)
  • No data limits on hotspot usage
  • 24/7 access to assistance from a real human
  • Visible runs on Verizon’s national 5G network

Visible also offers new users a credit card-free, 15-day FREE trial of their service so you can get a sense of what their coverage is like where you live and work without needing to commit. Members will receive a trial phone number for those 15 days, and after it’s over, you can keep the trial number or port your existing number over to Visible.

Anyone who is not an active Visible member, or hasn’t participated in the free trial in the past 12 months, is eligible, and the trial includes all of the perks of their phone plan — unlimited data, messaging and minutes.

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Switching To the Visible Phone Plan: How It Works

Ready to sign up? Unlike other wireless providers, there’s only one Visible phone plan: the low-cost unlimited plan. Here’s how to take advantage of this too-good-to-be-true offer. You can join Visible with your current phone digitally or purchase a new one from Visible’s list of approved smartphones. You don’t need to enter a phone store or deal with a headache-inducing corporate conglomerate (that’s how Visible is able to keep its rates so low!).

Step 1: Create An Account: Once you’ve verified that your phone is Visible-compatible (the latest iPhones, Samsung Galaxy phones and Google Pixel all are), you’ll create an account on their website or app.

Step 2: Set Up Your SIM: Visible can overnight you a SIM card for your new service, or you can get activated in as little as 15 minutes through an eSIM if your phone is compatible.

Step 3: Activate Your Service: After you’ve set up your SIM or eSIM card all you need to do is follow activation instructions in the app, and you’re good to go!

Step 4: Enjoy Savings: Enjoy a 15-day free trial to get a sense of the service, then pay $11/month for the first two months of your service, followed by Visible’s standard rate of $25/month when you join a Party plan with others.

We haven’t even mentioned Visible’s Party plan yet, but it’s another great way for single folks to save money on their wireless bills. Think of it as a family plan without the family. When you sign up for Visible with friends or roommates, you can all save money on your individual monthly bills. Keep reading for more details.


Everything You Get With Visible Unlimited Phone Plans

Visible is all about simplifying the phone plan and making unlimited messaging, data and minutes accessible to everyone. There aren’t a bunch of complicated plan options that require combing over fine print. There’s just one Visible phone plan with multiple ways to save. The Party Plan is their take on an old-school family plan, and comes with a reduced rate, as well as the option to join any party regardless of whether or not you know the person. Your cousin’s girlfriend’s sister? Sure, share a phone plan with her and save!

If you’re about to get kicked off mom and dad’s phone plan (been there) but aren’t ready to make that commitment with someone new, we get it. Embrace your singledom and enjoy major savings by switching to Visible’s unlimited plan. There’s no need to worry about making the wrong choice, or being swindled into paying way more than you should. Visible’s got just the one phone plan, and you start saving as soon as you sign up.

Since Visible is powered by Verizon, along with their unlimited plan you get access to Verizon’s top-rated 5G network which covers 99% of the U.S population (although you can only access 5G in certain locations, as of now).

Please note that after the free trial is over, number porting and three payments are required to take advantage of the reduced 2-month rate of $22.