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Inflation Got You Down? How To Save $50+ Per Month on Your Phone Plan With Visible

The inflation rate is accelerating at its fastest pace in 40 years, which means it’s becoming more expensive to simply exist basically everywhere. Due to a wicked combination of supply chain backups, lockdowns and increased demand, everything from semiconductor chips to cartons of eggs are pricier and in shorter supply. One of the best ways to save is by reducing your recurring monthly expenses, and that includes your phone plan.

Gone are the days when expensive, contract-fueled monthly phone plans with giant cable companies were your only option for unlimited coverage. Now, there’s Visible — a direct-to-consumer wireless company with a low-cost and contract-free unlimited plan. Visible has an affordable, simple phone plan you can sign up for at home.

Visible offers unlimited talk, text and 5G data coverage for as little as $30 per line when you join with a group, and Visible makes it easy to take advantage of this price even as a single. We recently compared Visible to all of the major unlimited plans and found that Visible was absolutely the most affordable option.

So if you’re trying to cut costs due to rising inflation, let’s see how much you stand to save with Visible.

Sign Up For Visible, Plans Start at $30/Month


Visible’s Phone Plan: How Much Could You Save?

T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T all offer unlimited 5G phone plans, but none of those carriers can compete with Visible’s pricing. The following rates compare Visible’s unlimited plan with T-Mobile’s.

The T-Mobile unlimited plan starts at $85/month for one phone line, and their 4+ phone plan starts at $170 for four lines. This is one of their more expensive plans, but it’s one that offers unlimited 5G data like Visible’s does.

However, if you opt for Visible’s plan over T-Mobile’s, you’re poised to save nearly $1,400 over 2 years. Visible’s Party Pay option is their payment plan for groups, but you don’t need to share a line with a group of friends or your family to save.

There are Visible Party Pay groups with thousands of members that anyone can join, which allows you to take advantage of the deal while only paying your discounted rate for your singular phone line. Curious how this works? You can learn more here.

We decided to break it down for you. When you sign up for Visible and join a party, you’ll pay only $30/month, which saves you up to $55 per month, or: 

  • $165 Over 3 Months
  • $330 Over 6 Months 
  • $1,320 Over 2 Years 

Right now, Visible is also offering a deal to new customers who are interested in purchasing a new phone.

Purchase an iPhone SE and instantly get $200 to spend online. Terms apply, of course, and we’ve got all the details below. You can also bring your own phone or purchase a new smartphone. Keep reading for more information, or head to Visible to sign up and start saving instantly.

Inflation? We don’t know her.

Sign Up For Visible, Plans Start at $30/Month  


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Visible’s Phone Plan: What You Get

Visible’s single phone plan keeps things simple. Instead of comparing five different plan, Visible just offers one unlimited plan with all the perks of other major carriers, for less than a quarter of the price.

With Visible’s Exclusive Unlimited Plan, Here’s What You Get: 

  • Unlimited talk, text and 5G data with no hidden fees, and you can switch from home
  • A phone plan powered by Verizon’s 5G network, with nationwide 5G coverage
  • No annual contract
  • The ability to bring your own phone and phone number
  • 15-day free trial for new customers
  • Prices start at $30/month when you join with Party Pay

Even their highest price point is much more affordable than singular phone plans at their competitor mobile carriers, which offer the same perks for more than double the price of Visible.

Sign Up For Visible, Plans Start at $30/Month

Shop Visible's Best Deals for New and Existing Customers


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The Visible Unlimited Plan: How It Works

The best part of saving with Visible? You know you’re getting a great phone plan at a low price point, and you can sign up and save without needing to do daily, weekly or monthly maintenance. You set it and forget it.

Many of the most effective methods for saving money require extra effort on your part. Scoring great deals online takes work, saving at the grocery store means hunting for discounts on the shelves. Even driving to the cheapest gas station is probably going to cost you some gas in the process.

All you have to do to save with Visible is sign up, pay your monthly dues and know you’re saving a bundle over their competitors.

1. Choose Your Plan

The more people you sign up with, the more you can save. Sign up with four or more people and you’re looking at a phone bill of $25 per month per line. Visible also prides itself on being an accessible phone plan for singles, and not edging out anyone according to their relationship status. The most you’ll pay is $45 per month if you sign up for just one line, and everyone gets access to Visible’s one great phone plan.

2. Bring Over Your Phone and Phone Number, or Start a New One

Visible gives new customers the option to stick with their current phone, if applicable, and phone number. They can send you a new SIM card in the mail or you can opt for their eSIM service that can connect you to unlimited data in just 15 minutes with compatible devices.

If you’re looking to buy a new phone, Visible has great deals on the newest iPhones, Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel phones. You can also swap your old device for a brand new one, and upgrade your phone if you’ve paid off at least 50% of it.

3. Sign Up for Their 15-Day Free Trial

As we mentioned above, new Visible customers get 2 weeks to try it for free with no credit card required. You can sign up at home, use your own phone to get started and decide after two weeks if the ultra-fast, 5G network with nationwide coverage is for you.

4. Refer a Friend, and Get a Month of Coverage for $20 Off

Visible is also offering a referral deal for new customers who bring a friend along with them. If a friend subscribes after all your rave reviews about Visible, you’ll both save $20 off your next month of coverage. It’s a true win-win.

Sign Up For Visible, Plans Start at $25/Month