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Visible Is Offering Unlimited Phone Plans at $25 a Month + a $200 Gift Card + Free AirPods Pro (Yes, Really)

We’ve previously told our readers about some hard-to-believe deals from Visible, a new wireless provider offering $25/month unlimited phone plans. On its own, unlimited talk, text and data — on a Verizon 5G network, no less — is a darn good deal. However, to sweeten the pot, Visible is also offering a new holiday incentive that’s even harder to believe.

To entice customers to switch wireless providers, Visible has seriously upped the ante this December. For a limited time, new Visible customers who switch providers will also be eligible for a $200 virtual gift card and free AirPods Pro (you can also choose Beats Studio Buds if you prefer.

What’s the catch? You do need to remain a customer for three months to earn these bonus gifts, but we’re confident you’ll be happy you made a change. After all, a $25 phone plan is its own reward.

Here’s how it works:

  • Join Visible and bring your current phone (or a new phone approved by Visible)
  • Transfer your existing phone number from your current carrier
  • Download your new eSim card (Visible can also overnight you a new SIM card)
  • Make three monthly payments and get a free pair of wireless earbuds and a $200 virtual gift card

Again, this is the kind of holiday discount we want to file under “too good to be true,” but it’s a very real offer. And even without this promotion, we still think there are a lot of very compelling reasons to ditch your existing wireless company and switch to Visible.

Here are some of the top reasons to make a change:

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  • Unlimited data
  • Unlimited messaging
  • Unlimited calls
  • National 5G network
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Calls to Mexico + Canada included
  • Unlimited hotspot usage

And did we mention Visible is powered by Verizon’s 5G network? Basically, Visible has everything you’re looking for in a cell phone plan, plus tons of great offers that lower the price even further.

Like we said, it sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Below, we’ll break down everything you want to know about Visible’s unlimited phone plan. Plus, we’ll share the latest offers, which can bring the cost of your monthly plan down to just $25/month.


Visible Wireless Plan: A New Kind of Pre-Paid Wireless

Visible is a relatively new wireless provider, and the company only recently came across our radar. We’re always on the lookout for alternatives to the big cell phone companies, and we know a lot of young people need phone plans that offer fast, reliable service and an affordable monthly cost — without any hidden fees resulting in surprise bills.

Unfortunately, you can’t stay on mom and dad’s family plan forever, and Visible is the perfect place to start your new plan.

First, we love that Visible simplifies the process of signing up for a cell phone plan. Switching to a new network or buying a new phone can be a major pain, and to keep things easy on new customers, Visible only has one plan — the unlimited plan.

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Courtesy of Visible Wireless

This cell phone plan starts at $40/month and includes unlimited data, messaging and calling (you can even call Canada and Mexico at no extra cost).

The reason this is not too good to be true?

As a Verizon company, Visible gives you access to Verizon’s top-rated 5G network.

Plus, Visible wireless has a ton of great offers running right now that can bring down the cost of your plan or help you save big on the new iPhone 13. Check out the latest offers below and get ready to make the switch!


Switch To Visible and Get Free AirPods Pro + a $200 Gift Card

As we described above, Visible just kicked off a very enticing new holiday promotion. When you sign up for Visible this month with a qualifying phone, not only do you get Visible’s unlimited plan for just $25 a month, but you can also get a free pair of AirPods Pro and a $200 gift card of your choice. And if you aren’t an Apple fan, you can opt for Beats Studio Buds instead. This may just be the best mobile deal we’ve ever seen, so head to Visible to see which phones are available as part of this deal.

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Courtesy of Visible Wireless

Buy a New iPhone, Get a $200 Gift Card

In the market for a new smartphone and a new phone plan? When you buy a qualifying smartphone through Visible (including popular models like the iPhone 13 and Samsung Galaxy S21) and you’ll also qualify for a $200 virtual gift card. Head to Visible to see which phones are available through this promotion.

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Courtesy of Visible

Upgrade To a New Phone With Visible

Here’s another new holiday promotion from Visible:

  • Purchase a new phone through Visible, financed with Affirm
  • Pay off at least 50% of your new phone
  • Upgrade to the newest model through Visible (and finance interest free with Affirm)
  • Mail in your old phone within two weeks and Visible will pay the remaining balance
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Courtesy of Visible Wireless

Get a Month of Visible Wireless for You and a Friend for Just $5

If $5 for a month of unlimited data, talk and messaging sounds like a fantasy, then we’ve got great news for you. Every time you sign up a friend for Visible, you both get a month of Visible service for just $5.

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Courtesy of Visible