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Turn Your Smartphone Into a Landline With This Latest Technology

* Get and place landline calls using your smartphone
* Quick and easy setup in less than one minute
* Keep your existing phone number

What if you could get all the benefits of a landline on your smartphone?

wants to enable you to do just that and more. transforms your mobile phone into your new fixed phone by connecting your landline phone to WiFi so that calls can be forwarded to your cell or tablet.

It works the other way too – users can make landline calls from their smartphone but those calls will use up data unless you are connected to WiFi.

All actions are carried out through the Voice Bridge’s companion iOS and Android-compatible app, which essentially passes landline phone calls along and displays them on your smartphone. What makes this product even more special is these calls also go through the cell phone’s caller ID and stored contacts so users can always see who is calling. Setup is easy as well – your Voice Bridge package comes with a box that easily connects to your existing landline phone with no additional equipment required.

What are the advantages to this you may ask? Well if you still own a landline then this will be invaluable to you. You can forward calls to five different devices, you can keep your existing number, it supports outgoing emergency calls and most importantly of all, the service is 100% free. All you pay for is the connectivity hardware.

Never miss an important call because you’re out of the house. Or never struggle with poor cell service again when you’re trying to get a signal in the house. The Voice Bridge connects your phones together, for an easy, convenient calling system.


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