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Smart Walkie-Talkies Breathe New Life Into An Old Medium

* Unlimited range and unlimited channels
* Pairs to your Android and iPhone instantly
* Very lightweight, can clip-on almost anywhere

Past meets present with the Onyx Smart Walkie-Talkies set. These discreet devices can clip onto your shirt, purse or bag strap for effortless communication. Full range speakers and dual microphones offer pristine audio quality, and a headphone jack is included for those more personal (and private) chats.

These walkie-talkies make instant communication as easy as 1-2-3 with a simple touch-and-go approach. Simply pair the Onyx app to your phone, import your contacts and use the portable walkies to chat over any distance instantly. There are no limits on channels or space. If you have WiFi, you’re able to chat.

These devices also make it easier to keep in touch with larger groups by offering a more convenient way to converse with multiple people at once. Everyone who’s connected to the Onyx app can join the conversation, and you’re able to create as many different groups as you want.

Onyx offers a better way to communicate without having to reach for and unlock your phone. Great for talking on the go, when you’re in the car and when you’re at work, this set comes with two walkie-talkies, two charging cables, two separate pouches and an extra gift box. 

Use it to keep track of friends when you’re all driving on your road trip, freeing up your phone for GPS. Or use it with WiFi to find your family at the theme park, when cell phone reception is spotty and you need to meet up for dinner. These smart walkie-talkies are a lightweight, easy and unobtrusive way to stay in touch.

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