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This Charging Cable Lights Up So You’ll Never Lose It Again

* A series of blue LEDs pulse to let you know your device is charging
* Charges at speeds up to 2.4 amps
* Ships with a 100% risk-free, two-year warranty

If you need to replace a lost or broken lightning cable for your stable of iOS devices, you should consider Acode’s tangle free, LED, 3-foot lightning charging cable. With its pulsing blue LEDs, you’ll never lose it or fumble around in the dark to find it again.

At three feet long, the Acode Lightning cable is ideal for use in the car or at home. It boasts a premium elastic exterior, which prevents it from tangling and should keep it from fraying sooner than other third-party cables (or Apple’s for that matter).

The most notable attribute of the Acode, though, is a series of blue LEDs that pulse or “flow” when your device is connected and charging or transferring data. This particular model is compatible with all lightning devices but Acode also has USB-C and micro-USB variants.

[caption id="attachment_47636" align="aligncenter" width="548"] Image courtesy Amazon[/caption]

More importantly, Acode cables ship with a 100% risk-free two-year warranty and they’re half the price of Apple’s standard one-meter Lightning to USB cable. If blue isn’t your preferred color, you can also pick up a red version (with blinking red lights) for the same price. Both colors ship from Amazon with free one-day delivery for Amazon Prime members.

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