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When High Fashion Meets High Tech, You Get This iPad Sleeve

* Stylish accessory from Comme des Garçons and Côte & Ciel collaboration
* Deep blue color offset by white and black polka dots
* Pull tabs for easy access

Collaborations in the world of fashion often yield highly-coveted pieces that tend to be somewhat difficult to acquire. But not every collaboration is close to impossible to get. Take, for example, Japanese high fashion label Comme des Garçons and Parisian bag maker Côte&Ciel’s recent collaboration on a range of accessories that includes this iPad case.

With just a touch of the whimsy or avant-garde nature often found in CDG founder Rei Kawakubo’s designs, it is distinctly Comme des Garçons. The mix of black and white polka dots set against an ultramarine background make this one of the most eye catching accessories for an iPad. But it isn’t just about looks.

While CDG managed the aesthetic appeal, Côte&Ciel ensured this wasn’t just a pretty looking case, but one with functional appeal as well. The use of “fusion grip” neoprene makes certain that your iPad will be enveloped in all-around protection, as well as repelling a bit of water when needed. The addition of pull tabs near the opening make it easier for you to slip your iPad in and out.

Not all collaborations bear the best of both worlds, but in the case of this iPad sleeve, it is, without a doubt, equal parts CDG and Côte&Ciel.

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