Daily Deal: Waterproof Your iPhone 6 for Only $17

waterproof phone case

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* Waterproof up to 6.6 feet for three minutes
* Airtight design still allows great sound
* Was $27.45 | Now: $16.99

Whether your summer plans include amusement park rides like the log jammer, or you just can’t trust the people in your life not to push you into a swimming pool, now is the time to waterproof your iPhone. The PISSION Waterproof iPhone Case can withstand submersion up to 6.6 feet for as long as three minutes.

waterproof phone case

The slim, clear design looks like you’re not even using a cover, even though you’re still getting full protection that includes a bumper for extra safety against drops. Just keep in mind that the PISSION is meant for unexpected situations — don’t take it snorkeling.

Even though it’s airtight against the smallest of dust particles, this waterproof case won’t obstruct sound while you’re talking on the phone or playing music. What’s more, a lanyard hole has already been added, making it super easy to carry your phone around your neck and eliminating the risk of your phone slipping from your pocket.

Originally priced at $27.45, Amazon is offering a 38% discount, bringing the price down to an easy $16.99. If that’s not enough, it also comes with a 30-day exchange guarantee.

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