Take Underwater Selfies With This Waterproof Phone Case

Use This Universal Waterproof Phone Case
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* Universal size to fit all mobile phones up to 6”
* Lifetime guarantee and tested water resistance
* Extra room to hold cash, credit cards, IDs and other assets

For the ultimate overall protective case, this YOOHOG Universal Waterproof Case Bag can’t be beat. Ideal for the traveler and selfie-taker, this case is perfect to hold all of your personal belongings and withstand dust, dirt, and water throughout all your adventures.

Firstly, this case bag is big enough to fit all phones up to a 6-inch diagonal. The bag even has extra room to store your personal effects including IDs, credit cards, cash and more. The transparency of the case allows for your own personal use as well. Take underwater photos and Snapchat videos with this case as it comes complete with a touch pad operation and dual-sided windows. Made for the social media connoisseur, this case allows you to use your phone while underwater or in the rain. Each bag has been tested under water for at least two hours for your own peace of mind, knowing that this case won’t fault you or cause permanent damage to your device.

Its durable material also allows for this case to be used in even harsher conditions like snow, while still protecting your phone from harm. Your phone will stay dirt-free with this case, so you can enjoy your outdoor activities without worrying about the clarity or cleanliness of your screen. This protective, all-in-one case is also ideal for international travels, music festivals, or any activity that could potentially mess up your phone.

The case comes with a lifetime guarantee as well, ensuring that you have complete satisfaction with your purchase. Available in blue, green, pink, and green as accents for the clear bag case, snag your YOOHOG Universal case now for any upcoming trips for the summer.

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