These Waterproof Cases Keep Your Cell Phone Working, Even in a Downpour

Best waterproof iphone and galaxy phone
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Though many of the latest smartphones are water resistant, you’re out of luck if you drop your phone in the pool. Sure, you could reach for a bowl of rice and try that method, but why be reactive when you can be proactive? What do we mean? We mean a waterproof case.

Unless you’re the type of enjoys living on the edge (read: lives without a phone case), you’re going to protect your phone with some sort of shield anyway. So, why not make that safety feature even safer, and buy a waterproof case?

Unlike a typical phone case which utilizes a form of raised bumpers to protect your phone should it fall, a waterproof case will totally encase your phone in protective and waterproof plastic. So not only is your device protected from bumps, scrapes, scratches and bruises, but it’s protected if you drop it in the sink, toilet, bath or pool. If you’re looking to keep your phone safe from rain and–gulp–those eventual winter snowfalls, here are our nine favorite waterproof phone cases.


iPhone Cases


1. Catalyst iPhone XR Waterproof Case


Quite possibly the most robust iPhone case ever made, this Catalyst model is made for XR phones and features a stunning build to offer superior protection. The fully submersive design is able to protect your phone up to an impressive 33 feet underwater, and the military-grade shock-resistant protection helps to ensure your phone’s safety no matter how many times you drop it. Plus, unlike other waterproof cases, this one doesn’t interfere with your phone’s functionality.

Catalyst iPhone Case Courtesy of Amazon Courtesy of Amazon

2. OTBBA iPhone X/iPhone Xs Waterproof Case


Designed for both standard X and Xs iPhone models, this sleek waterproof case is able to keep your phone safe up to 6.6 feet underwater for roughly one hour. The smart full-bodied design helps to add more shock and drop protection, and the transparent front and back cover lets you access your camera, volume levels and more with ease. It even comes with its own front screen protector.

OTBBA iPhone Case Courtesy of Amazon Courtesy of Amazon

3. iPhone 7 Plus/8 Plus Waterproof Case


For those who want a little extra protection, this robust waterproof case is also dirt-proof, snow-proof and even shockproof. Designed specifically for iPhone 7 and 8 models, the built-in screen protector will help prevent scratches and smudges. What’s more, you’re still able to utilize the touchscreen’s functionality, unlike a few of the other cases on our list.

iPhone 7 Plus:8 Plus Waterproof Case Image Courtesy of Amazon


4. Temdan iPhone 7/8 Waterproof Case


Where most waterproof cases can be a little cumbersome, this one’s made to fit your phone perfectly without adding bulk. Made for iPhone 7 and 8 models, this case is designed to be used underwater, meaning you can snap all those awesome aquatic pics without worry. You can’t use the touchscreen, however, so in order to take photos you’ll have to open up the camera and then put the phone in the case, and use the volume buttons to snap pics.

Temdan iPhone 7:8 Waterproof Case Image Courtesy of Amazon


Samsung Cases


5. Temdan Samsung Galaxy S8 Waterproof Case


This Galaxy S8 waterproof model is able to keep your phone safe up to 10 feet underwater. With its extra-slim design (the case itself is only about .5 inches thick), it’s as sleek and lightweight as traditional phone cases, and it even comes with its own built-in front screen protector. Plus, you know, it’s waterproof.

Waterproof Samsung Case Courtesy of Amazon

6. GOLDJU Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Waterproof Case


This gorgeous case is perfect for Galaxy S10 models and comes with a built-in screen protector to help keep your phone dust- and scuff-free. What’s amazing is that it completely encases your phone, but the latest model still supports your phone’s biometric fingerprint reader, so you can do all the things you like to do—whether you’re on land or underwater.

Waterproof Samsung Case Courtesy of Amazon

7. RedPepper Samsung Galaxy


Tired of reading about all these iPhone-only cases? Fret not, because this beauty is custom-designed for Galaxy geeks. Fully waterproof up to an impressive 6.6 feet, this sleek case comes in three vibrant colors and is even backed by a generous 30-day money-back guarantee.

RedPepper Samsung Galaxy Image Courtesy of Amazon


Universal Cases


8. RANVOO [Floating] Waterproof Phone Pouch


Able to fit most small smartphones, this awesome waterproof pouch features a sturdy TPU build and is both eco-friendly and extra easy to use. The clear transparent front and back screens are a nice touch. And the best part? You can still utilize the touchscreen so you can snap or even text to your heart’s content.

RANVOO [Floating] Waterproof Phone Pouch Image Courtesy of Amazon


9. JOTO Universal Waterproof Pouch


This handy waterproof pouch features clear back and front windows and even comes with its own built-in credit card holder. Available in 11 fun colors, it includes its own neck strap. It may not be the slimmest case, but the JOTO will ensure your phone is protected regardless of the environment. If you’re somewhere tropical and absolutely need to document your snorkeling class, this is the case we’d recommend.

JOTO Universal Waterproof Pouch Image Courtesy of Amazon


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