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Yes, a Wearable Keyboard & Mouse Gadget Now Exists

* Gesture control for text entry and mouse movement
* Feel slightly more bionic
* Works with phones, tablets, iPads and computers

With futuristic Issac Asimov-looking design to match, this wearable keyboard and mouse makes you feel like you’re living in the world of tomorrow. Untether your typing and swiping from the yoke of physical keyboard devices, and enter text, move a cursor around and interact with virtual environments in the open air.

A Bluetooth-enabled set of sensors and precise accelerometers let your gestures translate into keystrokes and allows you to control your device from the comfort of any position and any surface.

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The Tap Strap Wearable Keyboard lets you achieve vision and voice-free interaction and control of any smartphone and Bluetooth-enabled device. It has a tiny yet long-lasting battery and charges via any standard USB cord. You can even use the Tap finger keyboard to control games, including, crucially, immersive VR games.

It works great with smartphone VR technology, and is compatible with iOS 9+, Android 5+, OS X Yosemity, and Windows 8.1+ along with Linux Ubuntu. This way, you can type on your Surface tablet, iPad, laptop or smartphone with just a set of gestures. The Tap includes a suite of free apps including games and more. It includes TapGenius, an instructional app which makes it easy to learn to control your devices from afar using this high tech wireless wearable.

Reviewers say this tech hack is super easy to use – and easy to get used to – and takes the stress out of pounding away on a keyboard, or locking your hands over a mouse. It’s also portable and travel-friendly, and is slides easily over your fingers for a comfortable, mobile and tactile experience. And let’s face it, this “air keyboard” is also a ton of fun too, sure to impress people walking by, whether you’re at the office or hosting your next game night at home.

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