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How to Boost Your Cell Phone Reception on the Go

* Instantly boost your cell reception on the go
* Easy installation adds extra coverage in seconds
* Enjoy the open road with peace of mind

While it may be fun to venture out and see the great outdoors, the open road can often lead to dead cell signals. Fortunately, you don’t have to rely on wayside attractions to follow your route — with this signal booster, you can bolster your cell reception no matter where you are.

Able to keep you connected wherever your travels may take you, you can make calls, send and receive texts and enjoy all-around better speeds with the flick of a switch. Best of all, it works with any mobile carrier and any phone. And while the weBoost is designed specifically for RVs on the go, you can still take advantage of superior cell signals in your campsite or any other area of choice.

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Installation is super easy too: simply install the outside antenna on the exterior of your vehicle or campsite and then run the cable through the inside and connect it to the included signal booster. Then, connect the inside antenna on a flat surface and power it up for instant coverage. With an impressive coverage area that typically reaches up to 10 feet, you can rest easy knowing you have better coverage regardless of where you are.


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