Atypical Types: 7 Krazy Keyboards for a Unique Computer Setup

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Want a unique look for your desk or home office? Or need a portable keyboard that travels light and folds up for handy storage in a bag or backpack? These offbeat keyboards fit the bill, add flair to your setup, and might even spawn a curious conversation or two. Happy typing!

1. A Foldable Keyboard That Fits in Your Pocket? Yes, Please

Turn your phone or tablet into a mini laptop with this sleek and stylish foldable keyboard.

Jelly Comb Folding Bluetooth Keyboard


2. The Power of Bamboo

Brings an eco-friendly sensibility and sustainable high quality feel to your workspace with this keyboard’s unique high gloss bamboo finish.

Natural Bamboo Keyboard and Mouse


3. Game Like a Pro With the BlueFinger Adjustable Gaming Keyboard

Type like you’re a character in a high-tech thriller with this BlueFinger Adjustable LED gaming keyboard.

BlueFinger Adjustable Gaming Keyboard


4. This Roll Up Keyboard is Just the Thing You Need on Business Trips

Travel warrior? You’ll be familiar with the compromise inherent in typing on your laptop keyboard vs. a proper docked setup with a real keyboard and mouse. Here’s a compact solution that’s waterproof to boot.

Sungwoo Foldable Keyboard


5. Give Your MacBook a Van Gogh-Inspired Makeover

How about jazzing up your existing laptop keyboard? If you’re an art fan, this Starry Night protective silicone keyboard cover could be just the eye-catching ticket.

Starry Night Keyboard Cover


6. The Perfect Retro Keyboard for Nostalgic Types

Don’t let us catch you writing the Great American Novel on anything else, y’hear?! Hemingway would be proud.

MK Retro Typewriter Keyboard (Gold)


7. Get a Handle on Your Smart Devices With This Mini Wireless Keyboard

This tiny little handheld guy is fantastic for controlling your “smart devices” like tablets, streaming media boxes, tablets and so on — but it’s also good in its own right as a secondary (or even primary, depending on your setup) PC controller.

Rii i8+ Mini Wireless Keyboard

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