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There’s No Need To Plug Anything In When You Use This Wireless Car Charger

* Optimize your phone angle for safe driving
* Wireless charger and holder in one
* Compatible with iPhones and Samsung smartphones, too

This car charger brings a new level of convenience to keeping your phone batter topped up on the go. No more fumbling with cords and those 12V lighter chargers that have such a way of getting lost, or, almost worse, being slightly unplugged so that you only find out near the end of a 40-minute commute that your phone has not, in fact, been charging, and will now be at 5% during your meeting. And while many modern cars come with dedicated USB charger ports, these are hardly much more convenient. You’ve probably seen the memes, where you have to try multiple times to get a connection.Then there’s the fact that car makers seem to love to hide those USB ports in the strangest places. Like, way under the dashboard far out of sight, or even in the passenger footwell. What’s more, many standard new car USB ports only provide enough power to barely keep your phone on, and you might find you actually use battery still even when plugged in, especially when using Bluetooth and power-hungry apps like Maps and Waze.

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With this vent-clip mounted wireless charger, you can easily plug it in once and then your phone can charge with a single, swift click. Just put your late-model smartphone in the holder and it charges, and it will do so even faster than with standard wireless chargers. Plus, the vent or dash mounted cradle is adjustable for different phone sizes and can even accommodate thicker cases. So even if your phone depends on a specialized thick case for wireless charging capability, you can still use this suction mounted car charger and enjoy the convenience of wireless charging.


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