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No Batteries? No Problem. This Solar-Powered Keyboard Can Be Charged Almost Anywhere

* Works with any light source
* Mac and Windows compatible
* Sleek and efficient design for comfortable, quiet typing

Remember those old Casio calculators with the solar-powered strip that almost never worked? Well, this isn’t like that. The Logitech Wireless Solar-Powered Keyboard is an easy and sustainable way to type at home or on the go. No batteries, no cords, no worries.

What makes this keyboard unique is just how efficient the solar technology is. With dual solar panels, it works with both natural and artificial light. You can charge it outside, at home and even in those extra dim office spaces. According to Logitech, a single charge can last up to three months in complete darkness. You can also download the free Logitech Solar App to monitor exactly how much power your keyboard has, and its charging efficiency.

While Mac users are sure to point out this keyboard’s familiar layout, it actually works with PCs too. By using the Logitech Unifying Receiver, you’re able to forgo worrying about using Bluetooth and instead connect your keyboard directly to your computer’s network. And at barely one-third of an inch thick, it’s as sleek as it is portable.

But where this wireless keyboard really stands out is in the layout itself. Logitech’s created an incredibly clean and stylish keyboard that’s both elegant and highly responsive. Plus, the concave key design makes typing all the more comfortable. Type more sustainably without having to worry about cables and batteries again.

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