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Key Keyboards: The 4 Best Wireless Keyboards Under $50

* Wireless connectivity makes it even easier to type on the go
* Connect your laptop, desktop to a wireless keyboard instantly
* Choose from full-size models, keyboard + mouse combos and more

Instead of settling for those bulky old plug-in portable keyboards, opt for a smooth and sleek wireless model instead. With the ability to connect your devices instantly — whether it be your PC, laptop, Smart TV and more — you’re able to enjoy a smoother typing experience without having to sacrifice functionality or comfort.

Wireless keyboards are ideal for those who work from home (or your favorite coffee shop, library or book shop), those who travel frequently for work and business, and students constantly on the go from class to class. Here are some of our favorite affordable models that offer high functionality and performance without a hefty price tag to match.


1. Dell KM117 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

This cool keyboard and mouse combo features plug-and-play capability that makes ideal for us on the go. The stylized black keyboard comes with preinstalled hotkeys, while the wireless mouse is built with touch sensitivity in mind.


2. JOYACCESS Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Built with ease of use in mind, this wireless keyboard and mouse combo includes an extra quiet typing keys and is able to accomodate wireless connections up to 10 feet away. More than that, adjustable DPI levels make it easier to customize your keyboard.


3. Microsoft All-in-One Keyboard

This all-in-one keyboard includes wireless capability up to 10 meters and an intuitive multi-touch track tool that makes it easier to type (and swipe) no matter where you are. The keyboard itself includes an extra durable water-resistant build and works with most PCs and Smart TVs.


4. Logitech Keyboard

This beautiful keyboard is one of the few wireless models to offer full-size functionality. With an ambidextrous mouse and a smooth, streamlined design, this set offers all the comforts of a regular Logitech keyboard combo, only this one comes with wireless connectivity.


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